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Player name: Tengu
AIM contact: you know this
Alternate contacts: same
Character name: Daniel
Source canon: Guns of God
Community tag: daniel
Do I want a HMD: Already have one

Due to the nature of the canon, several parts of it are huge spoilers and locked to the mod account.
PB is Boomerang from Wild Arms, obviously.
Mecha designs made by this guy.

Daniel is an enigmatic man whose past is shrouded in mystery, with pretty much none official records present. When asked, he elaborates on his childhood: he grew up in a small town in southern United States, as an orphan who never knew his parents. The orphanage where he lived, while poor, tried to provide good conditions for the kids, and Daniel remembers those times fondly. He had two good friends, and together they formed an inseparable gang: Maggie was the energetic and boisterous leader, Bobby the lancer with a head full of ideas, and Danny the quiet kid who patiently went along with their shenanigans. Their friendship was true, but they couldn't be together forever; eventually they all grew up and left the orphanage, each going in their separate ways. Daniel moved to another town to become a mechanic; but he promised his friends that they will meet together again one day.
What happened after that is a mystery.
The first official records of Daniel's existence appeared in late AE 82; a wandering cyborg, piloting a mech constucted by an unknown manufacturer, working as an independent mercenary. While suspicious at first, he managed to prove himself reliable, mostly working as a protector for small communities and other people who needed help. And all this time, he was, and still is, looking for his childhood friends; Daniel has not managed to locate them yet, but he has not forgotten his promise.
(More details in the locked part of the app.)

Original canon background: In the locked part of the app.

At a first glance, Daniel appears to be a laconic, imposing man; an archetypical cool lone wolf. In reality, this is only partially true; while this is definitely the image he tries to project, only partially consciously, in reality he's also rather socially awkward and not very good at people skills. He's also quite fond of cute animals and other such things, ruining the initial perception of a tough mercenary further.
While he tries to pretend like he mostly cares about money, in reality Daniel is a very trustworthy and principled man who would never fight for an unjust cause; his personal website reinforces this, with lots of positive references from people he worked for. The website was created by Daniel himself, and it shows; it's amateurish to a fault.
In fact, one could say that Daniel is too trusty at times, as he easily gets tangled into various shenanigans and other situations where he finds himself over his head. This aspect of his person also has a more serious facet to it; sometimes the enigmatic cyborg's actions and words hint at a big mistake he made in the past, a mistake that's tied to him trusting others too easily.
Daniel is a huge fan of westerns and stylish gun-fu movies, and it comes to no surprise that he purposely tries to recreate their style. He is quite fond of dramatic gestures and situations.
Despite his mostly level head, Daniel seems to be quite prone to obsessions; his pursuit of his old friends, purposeful keeping of his past secret, and the way he cares a bit too much about his movie-watching hobby, all show that.

Capabilities and Resources:
Daniel is a cyborg; somewhere underneath his looming metal shell there is a human body, a body that eats and sleeps, but would not be able to survive without its cybernetic components. He possesses all five senses like most people do, but apart from his hands (equipped with extra sensors) his sense of touch is very dim. He eats normal food (and seems to possess teeth), and uses it to generate energy to power his electronic components, but also requires some commonly available medicine to survive. On the bright side, Daniel's cyborg body also gives him increased reflexes, and very high resilence and physical strength - combined with his skill at sharpshooting, that makes him a formidable fighter.
Daniel has an instinctive ability to use the Apostle's Armory, a machine that's otherwise too complex for most people to operate without instructions. He can also directly interface with the Steel Wanderer, which is necessary for piloting the mech. He also has the multi-tasking ability required to use many of the abilities of its special ammo.

Position in Unity Group: Hired gun

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: Steel Wanderer (image)
Unit Description: Steel Wanderer is a high-performance unit created by an unknown manufacturer. It would be a top-notch machine several years ago, but by modern standards its abilities are a little less impressive. Furthermore, over the years several parts of the original armor were replaced through improvised repairs, resulting in a less agile, but tougher unit. Still, its performance is good, and thanks to the reflexes of the pilot the mech is decent at above average, and tougher than average for a real robot.
Only a pilot with special cybernetics can control Steel Wanderer. The manufacturer of these cybernetics, same as with the unit, is unknown.
Steel Wanderer can land a solid punch, but its main (and only) weapon is the Gun of God - an oversized six-shooter revolver, with a caliber more fitting for an artillery weapon, which Daniel handles with confidence and precision. What's special about it is that it can fire many different kinds of bullets, some of them with quite ridiculous properties, all produced by the special system called Apostle's Armory, mounted on Steel Wanderer's shoulder. Apostle's Armory can turn raw materials into ammo, and is a very complex machine that requires time and focus to use - it pretty much can't be used in combat. As a result, Daniel usually carries only a very limited amount of advanced bullets with him.
Bullet types include:
Longinus - armor-piercing bullet. Steel Wanderer's standard bullet type, but still powerful enough to pierce through an average Mobile Suit in one or two shots.
Lucia - this isn't actually a bullet, but a generator firing beam sprays, taking the place of a bullet in the chamber. Less powerful than Longinus, but more economical, since it can fire multiple rounds before burning out.
Medard - a bullet that shocks the target with electrical currents instead of dealing physical damage. Useful for disabling rather than destroying targets.
Andrew - a bullet that turns into a net of sticky foam upon impact. Another weapon for disabling targets.
Barbara - an explosive grenade-like bullet. Can be set to go off after a set time rather than instantly, for traps or special maneuvers.
Genevieve - a single bullet that splits into around 10 mid-flight, each with the power of Longinus. Very destructive, but inaccurate, and especially resorce- and time-consuming to create.
Julian - a bullet that ricochets several times, dealing (mecha-sized) damage to targets only after it was set to do so mid-flight. Since it deals some blunt force trauma even when not in damage mode, rebounding it off humans or wooden buildings is not recommended.
Nicholas - a bullet that unfolds into a powerful, remotely controlled rocket punch. Deals very high damage, and can be a surprise for opponents who didn't see it coming.

Size: M (~18 meters)
Terrain compatibility:
Air: No
Ground: Yes
Water: No
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Ground

Upgrades: As he gets more ideas, over time Daniel creates more bullet types, most of them in very limited amounts.
A more substantial plot-based upgrade is in the locked part of the app.

Wingmen: n/a

Mission requirement: Yes, first event.
Suggested Event List:In the locked part of the app.

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